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June 24, 2008

Free Headsets for Californians

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As you may or may not know, July 1 means get your hands off your cell phone while you’re driving in California. You can get free headsets, that’s right, free, at



June 19, 2008

PC to Mac Making the Switch

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If you’re thinking about switching, or in the mood for a new Mac, now’s the time. They are offering $30 rebates on the Mac and if you buy a printer, you get a $99 rebate, which makes it free if you get the lowest price printer, and this I could hardly believe, but you get either a free Nano iPod or an iTouch, a rebate of $299.

Also, if you are a college student, shop at the education store online and you’ll get $100 off your computer.

Hearing about Microsoft’s Vista operating system, I figured it was a good time to switch cause those are some really good deals. It arrived in 3 days at standard shipping by Fed X and I already applied online for the rebates. So far, I’m impressed with Apple.

Of course, I’ll probably be buying software and accessories that will boost their bottom line and I guess that’s why they offer such a great deal.

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