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September 6, 2008

Physics Rap

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The story behind the rap.


August 12, 2008

Scientists Close to Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

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Times Online: INVISIBILITY devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects.

The breakthrough could lead to systems for rendering anything from people to large objects, such as tanks and ships, invisible to the eye – although this is still years off.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, whose work is funded by the American military, have engineered materials that can control light’s direction of travel. The world’s two leading scientific journals, Science and Nature, are expected to report the results this week.

March 17, 2008

Get More Done in Your Sleep

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ocean_dreams2.jpgOn 60 Minutes, scientists say new studies are showing that sleep is far more important than most people think.

Millions of go-go people have a “convenient belief” that they do just fine without sleep, according to the researcher. Some wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honor (not me, I like my sleep) but sleep isn’t just for rest, there is a higher purpose to sleep, according to the research.

Consciousness is overrated, says the researcher.

Furthermore, not getting enough sleep might make you fat (slows your metabolism) and cause other health problems. Some of the health problems that we get when we age might not be caused by getting older, but rather the lack of “deep sleep.”

And studies with sleep-deprived male fruitflies shows they have troubles mating. The “successful” male gets enough sleep.

Now, go get some guilt-free sleep.

February 21, 2008

Get Your Total Lunar Eclipse

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It’s the last one til 2010. Astrology wise, the lunar eclipse is a time to go nuts! So if you’re feeling a bit loony, you’ll know why. Beware the werewolves.

A lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, endings, exposure and major changes. It always has something to do with “relationships”. The changes are tied to how we relate and will have a lasting impression. Emotions run high, causing upsets and feelings of disorientation. Actions taken often do not have the expected results, but they do bring awareness and enlightenment. The energy of an eclipse is at its strongest during the two days before and three days after its occurrence.

At lunar eclipses we: merge, unite, announce, contact, present ourselves, bring something out into the open, make decisions, engage, rise to the challenge, make an effort, change, get a new perspective, join with others, take on greater challenges, travel at a faster pace, feel restless, feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions, and experience excitement and crisis.

February 15, 2008

New Solar System

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inflatable-solar.jpgAmid the hearts and flowers and chocolates of heart day comes a new solar system. I don’t think this story made the 6 O’Clock news, but a solar system, similar to ours has been discovered.  

In the newly discovered system, a planet about two-thirds of the mass of Jupiter and another about 90 percent of the mass of Saturn are orbiting a reddish star about half the mass of the Sun, at about half the distances that Jupiter and Saturn circle our own Sun.

Neither of the two giant planets is a likely abode for life as we know it, but, as Dr. Gaudi pointed out, warm, rocky planets — suitable for life — could exist undetected in the inner parts of the system. “This could be a true solar system analogue,” he said.

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